MinXus Mail Bag: In which we respond to a missive from Vizma Bruns (Waitpinga, Australia) concerning Miss Carina’s hair

Vizma - 2014 - 7

Mail-art by Vizma Bruns (Waitpinga, Australia)

Attending to unsettled business this morning, we share with you an envelope of wonderful art from our trusted Australian correspondent, Vizma Bruns. Her missive offers a proposal that bears a response, and we want to share it with all Tenderfoots. Our day is always considerably brightened when we find in our mailbox an envelope bearing the MinXus Waitpinga stamp created by the great E – Ambassador of Utopia (France):

Vizma - 2014 - 8

Vizma’s mail-art is very distinctive and, here, shows here preference for Trashpo. This particular mailing is held together with renderings for a MinXus hair manufacturing facility:

Vizma - 2014 - 1

Here is the reverse side:

Vizma - 2014 - 2

The plan has a marketing component elegantly connected to MinXus’s mission to identify who has the best hair:

Vizma - 2014 - 3

The reverse side:

Vizma - 2014 - 4

The gift card – referencing the famous, traveling red bag – is very generous. We are touched by Vizma’s reverence and deference for Carina Granlund’s (Petsmo, Findland) hair. This is a visionary proposal. Here at the Mink Ranch, we wish we could provide assistance. Unfortunately, our auxiliary enterprises such as the Mink Ranch Gift Shop, the MinXus-Lynxus School of Beauty & Cosmology and the Alsatian Diner are, as we say, deeply in the red. The proposed waterpark remains a small, icy ditch, as funding has ceased. Furthermore, we are embroiled in a dispute concerning the Saint Empress Marie Antonette brand and its ownership. We are pleased to endorse Vizma Bruns’ plan, if only in spirit.

Our plan for an international “Who Has the Best Hair Contest” might have gone a long way to settle the burning question about who has the best hair. Alas, this project is also stalled.

MinXus-Lynxus has hit a bumpy patch on the dusty trail. Yet Tenderfoots should not despair. The rugged, pioneer spirit that built MinXus-Lynxus gives us resolve to move onward to the promise of the Tangerine Oncoming.

We very much enjoy Vizma Brun’s envelope:

Vizma - 2014 - 5

The other side:

Vizma - 2014 -  6

Deepest thanks to Vizma for all her wonderful art and for her contributions to the development of the MinXus-Lynxus concept.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. pj
    Jan 30, 2014 @ 02:03:15

    Hey I will buy your Alsacian Diner and turn it into a Ukranian ресторан.


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