MinXus Mail Bag: Fab artist’s book-triptychs from Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

Carina - 1 - 2014

Mail-art by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

Miss Carina sent us a package beyond compare for the holiday season, the highlight of which is an absolutely stunning artist’s book. The cover is shown above with its delicately made clasp that also functions as a cut-up. The book uses a triptych structure with panels of images on one side and text on the other:

Carina - 2 - 2014

We admire Miss Carina’s unerring eye for fascinating images and her ability to weave nonlinear narratives that integrate startling juxtapositions with elements of formal continuity. For example, notice the repetition of faces and their placement. The camera adds an element of the self-referential; the watch introduces the element of time and movement, extended by the car and merry-go-round horse. The longer one meditates, the more possibilities present themselves. The textual triptych is equally fascinating:

Carina - 3 - 2014

Again, there is a strong formalist element in the composition offset by the disrupted text. It appears that Miss Carina was not simply using text as material here, and there is a message concerning art, albeit cloaked in her characteristically cryptic style. The self-referential element – art about art – becomes undeniable in this second triptych. We have found a deeply personal and moving meaning in the work, which we will not explain, so others might find their own personal meanings too. “The Three Marys” certainly suggests a triptych.

Carina - 4 - 2014

The book was enclosed in this handmade envelope (above). We did smile, realizing the date is Pearl Harbor Day, which is still observed in the USA. The missive also contained a wonderful collage made of thick scraps and pieces. This piece could fairly be considered haptic:

Carina - 5 - 2014

The reverse side suggests Trashpo as well:

Carina - 6 - 2014

As the envelope indicates, never discount Carina Granlund’s wry humor either:

Carina - 7 - 2014

Postcrossing? Really?

Carina - 8 -2014

Her use of tape is always a fav at the Mink Ranch, and here we have another great example.

Carina Granlund’s mail-art is always exceptionally well done and thoughtful. Even so, we consider this particular package a masterpiece. Thanks, as ever.


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