MinXus-Lynxus supports Erni Baer (Hamburg, Germany) whose mail-art is under investigation by German police

Erni - 1.6.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Erni Baer (Hamburg, Germany)

Here at the Mink Ranch, we are saddened and appalled as we follow the unfolding narrative of Erni Baer’s persecution. He has been summoned by German police because charges have been filed against him by an Austrian mail-artist whom he came in contact with via the IUOMA. We do not wish to comment much further, as this is a legal matter and most Tenderfoots already know the details of the case.

In support of Erni Baer, whom we do believe is entirely innocent of the ludicrous charges, we share with you classic work he sent us some time ago which we are just now entering into the archives at the Overlook Hotel. Here is the reverse side to the collage above:

Erni - 1.6.2014 - 2

Erni Baer – aka DharmaDaDa – works in collage and with found material. This particular piece is extremely minimalist, as it appears not to have been altered. Much of his collage work involves the juxtaposition of images. Yet it is an ideal piece for MinXus-Lynxus. The packaging is also wonderful:

Erni - 1.6.2014 - 3

And the reverse:

Erni - 1.6.2014 - 4

The strange case of one mail-artist reporting another to the police might be a sign of the times, representing the sensibility of the “New Mail-Art.” Yet there are precedents. Ray Johnson, for instance, was questioned by police in New York because, according to our sources that we believe are reliable, an elderly woman turned him in to authorities for distributing pornography. Someone, as the story goes, added material of a sexual nature to an add-and-pass that bore Johnson’s name and address. The add-and-pass, perhaps by mistake, fell into the hands of the woman who was shocked and offended. All charges were dismissed.

We hope for the same outcome in the case of Erni Baer.


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