MinXus Mail Bag: Haddock – Blaster Al stamp via Amy Irwen (Rosemount, Minnesota, USA)

haddock - 1

Wild Billy Haddock stamp sent via Amy Irwen (Rosemont, Minnesota, USA)

Here at the Mink Ranch, we have been Haddock fans for many moons. Haddock, aka Wild Bill Haddock and Wild Billy Haddock, is a veteran mail-artist who is part of the vibrant generation that includes John M. Bennett, Blaster Al Ackerman, David Zack and many notable others. We love Haddock’s work, but we do not know very much about him, other than that we can trace his activity as far back as the 1970s. He is still active and living in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

IUOMA friend Amy Irwen has struck up a correspondence with the venerable Haddock. Learning of our admiration for this mail-art legend, Amy passed along a stamp she received from him:

haddock - 2

What a stunning piece to add to the archives! This is a truly thoughtful gift from Amy Irwen! Now that Haddock is on the radar, we will be sure to drop him a line. Again, many thanks, Amy.


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