MinXus Mail Bag: Fake art from Fine Art (Escondido, California, USA)

fake fine art - 2

Mail-art by Fine Art (Escondido, California, USA)

New friend Fine Art in balmy Escondido honored us with this beautiful mail-art that bears her “FAKE FINE ART” stamp. We have noted previous work she has done in this spirit during the preceding months and surmise that, perhaps, this is part of a series. Regardless, we consider “FAKE FINE ART” a marvelous concept, intended or otherwise.

Social commentators frequently tell us we live in a time when people long for the “authentic,” presumably because so many cultures and societies lack the authentic. Indeed, some have even suggested the idea of the Simulacra: We live increasingly in a reality that is entirely contrived, disconnected from both meaning and nature, manipulated by forces beyond our control. Mail-art, of course, is an antidote. Yet it is also a medium that has for many years interrogated the idea of the authentic and perpetuated discussions about what is and what is not art. Fine Art’s use of abstraction in the piece is an apt choice because abstract art in particular has invited questions about the nature of art. Is all art, ultimately, fake?

We applaud our friend from Escondido for not only producing fine art but for creating an art concept that might best be described as concept art. In our estimation the piece is lovely and deeply thought provoking but still carries a hint of the ingenuous, which is ingenious.

If this art is fake, then we need more fake art.

fake fine art - 1

Deepest thanks go to Fine Art. Many more examples of her talent can be found here:



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