Postcards from the edge: Chrissy Core (Canada), Carina Granlund (Finland), Richard Canard (USA)

Core - 10.29 - 1

Mail-art by Chrissy Core (aka DaDa Witch) (Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada)

All postcards are not mail-art, but some postcards make very good mail-art. Lately we have received some edgy postcards from mail-artists that we are very pleased to be able to share with you now.

First, we offer a big Mink Ranch “Howdy” and secret handshake to Canadian artist Chrissy Core aka DaDa Witch who graces our humble blog with her work for the first time. Chrissy Core’s art is very distinctive and highly conceptual. Much of her work that we have seen so far tends toward black, white and shades of grey. She creates designs that reference woven textiles and/or organic shapes (bio-poetry). At times, they suggest a circulatory system. Single words and phrases function as minimalist poetry, and much of her work qualifies as visual poetry.

Core - 10.29 - 2

The illustration on the reverse side represents another repeating theme we have detected in Chrissy Core’s work: holes and pipe-like shapes protruding from (or into) holes. So we are thrilled to pronounce Chrissy Core is a practitioner of Holism.

Many thanks, we look forward to more exchanges!

Carina - 10.29 - 1

Mail-art by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

Carina Granlund is a dear friend and longtime MinXus-Lynxus correspondent. We were absolutely wowed by her hand-colored photos during the summer. This time she has sent a wonderful, cryptic collage-postcard. American motels and roadside attractions are a recurring M-L theme, so this is a wonderfully appropriate addition to our vast archives, along with a similar Karen Eliot piece she sent some time ago. We like the spacious and pristine appearance of these sites in Finland. In fact, we find them superior to their equivalents in the USA, at least from a visual perspective. They are very enticing and, perhaps this is subjective, mysterious. Carina, with her extraordinary gift for collage, has constructed a partial and indeterminate narrative with these images.

Carina - 10.29 - 2

As the conceptual writers contend, why create text when so much already exists? The reverse side of Carina Granlund’s postcard features some excellent found (and slightly altered) text that adds further to the narrative.

Deepest thanks, Carina! We deeply appreciate that you are staying connected.

Canard - 10.29 - 1

Mail-art by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

Many MinXus-Lynxus readers will immediately recognize Richard Canard as a regular and devoted correspondent. We have received some fantastic work from him recently, much of which is being held back for possible inclusion in the much-anticipated “Conceptual Trashpo” essay. We hope to be able to post that soon, but it is requiring some exhaustive research and contemplation.

This Dolly Parton stunner Richard Canard sent us fits perfectly with the edgy postcard theme. Lately, Richard has been writing about his “redneck” roots in the southern United States, even taking a conservative position on the controversial subject of gun control. We highly encourage autobiographical meditation and find his assertions thought provoking. Yet we are compelled to add that Richard Canard has always shown an affinity to PopArt. Even disguised by political rhetoric, there is a strong and consistent aesthetic in his choice of images. Dolly Parton is no exception.

Canard - 10.29 - 2

Sylvester Stallone creates a fine binary opposition to Dolly Parton. All we can recall of the Philadelphia Museum steps, however, is a Rodin sculpture.

Thanks to Chrissy Core, Carina Granlund and Richard Canard for keeping the art of correspondence as well as correspondence art alive and thriving.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Claudia McGill
    Oct 30, 2013 @ 11:10:12

    Love all of these. I’m from Tennessee and remember watching Dolly Parton on Sunday afternoon TV in the Porter Wagoner show (stars had their own shows then, sang, talked a little, etc.) The rhinestones fascinated me. This postcard sure brings it all back.

    Also, I now live in Philadelphia. Rocky is now at the base of the Art Museum steps to the side. A short path leads up to the statue. People are in line day and night to have their pictures made by their travel companions, each person holding up his/her arms in the required victory pose. It’s a ritual. Fascinating to watch it repeated over and over.

    And, my family traveled all over the state when I was young, and we stayed in innumerable 60’s motels. Carina’s looks quite appealing. And I like the lady getting off the bus…mysterious….


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