MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic writing by E. Coles (Plymouth, UK)

Emily Coles - 1

Mail-art by E. Coles (Plymouth, UK)

We were delighted to receive a lovely envelope from (Ms.) E. Coles in Britain containing expressive asemic symbols interacting with subtle textures, thus producing asemic-vispo hybrids familiar to those who have followed the progress of the Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper. We believe the fluidity and depth-of-field in these compositions is remarkable.

Emily Coles - 2

These are done on postcard-size sheets. In terms of typology, E. Coles would appear to favor the asemic glyph. Dear friend Karen Champlin (Illinois, USA) and her pieces with glyphs and complex single symbols come to mind as a comparison; however, E. Coles’ work is far more fluid and cursive, suggesting connections rather than the monolithic utterance in the great desert of history: Karen Champlin’s work often has an epic quality. E. Coles included a note that sheds some light on her method of composition:

Emily Coles - 3

Many, many different approaches can be used in generating asemics. A number of friends, Cheryl Penn (South Africa) comes immediately to mind, have worked with backwards or mirror reversed letters. The monoprinting has produced excellent results for E. Coles in these pieces. Here is the envelope:

Emily Cole - 4

The reverse presents a wonderful salute to IUOMA:

Emily Cole - 5

Deepest, even if belated, thanks to E. Coles in Britain!


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