MinXus Mail Bag: “3-scrappers” from Nancy Bell Scott (Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA)

NBS - 10.8.2013 - 1

Mail-art by Nancy Bell Scott (Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA)

Nancy Bell Scott in New England sent us a stunning missive with wonderful examples of her immediately recognizable work. Above is an altered book page with her beautiful asemic writing and abstract artwork. Like many of us, Nancy developed her technique in the Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper, which inspired many participants to produce vispo-asemic hybrid pieces collected in the Asemics 16 collaborative books. Here is the reverse side:

NBS - 10.8.2013 - 2

Nancy Bell Scott’s interest in and appreciation of old books contributes to her aesthetic. A very special part of the mail-art she sent is the inclusion of her “3-scrappers.” We expressed some interest in this work, and she generously sent a half-dozen examples. The composition of “3-scrappers” is a chance operation process that provides a form while leaving open the possibility of infinite combinations. Here is her explanatory note:

NBS - 10.8.2013 - 3

And here are the 3-scrappers we are so thrilled to be able to place in the MinXus USA Archives:

NBS - 10.8.2013 - 4

What extraordinarily beautiful object poems! Nancy Bell Scott’s use of old texts and materials bring a wide historical range to her work which is transformed from its context with her colourful, abstract expressionist inspired painting and drawing. Here is what is on the reverse side of the pieces above:

NBS - 10.8.2013 - 5

Nancy Bell Scott’s envelopes are always a treat:

NBS - 10.8.2013 - 6


NBS - 10.8.2013 - 7

We are absolutely thrilled to add 3-scrappers to the collection and offer our most sincere thanks to Nancy Bell Scott.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Claudia McGill
    Oct 09, 2013 @ 12:10:42

    I am a BIG fan of Nancy’s work and glad to see it here. Love the first piece and the contrast between the print and the “writing”.

    I also have some of her 3 scrappers and am always amazed at the complexity of them, small as they are. Also, I like that they have a reverse side. Not the usual thing.

    Thanks for posting.


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