MinXus Mail Bag: Vispo & Trashpo from Zalop Maestro Eduardo Cardoso (Sines, Portugal)

Eduardo - 10.3 - 2013

Mail-art by Eduardo Cardoso (Sines, Portugal)

We are thrilled to be able to share this stunning visual poem, “Serpent and Sun,” received from our good mail-art friend Eduardo Cardoso in Sines, Portugal.  He is certainly multi-talented, and this piece showcases his fine stamp work as well as his gift for composing visual poems.  Eduardo works closely on the border between word and image. During the past several years that we have followed his work, we have witnessed the evolution of a cryptic, complex and compelling symbol system. This process continues. We think the mystery of Eduardo’s work, the suggestive quality of ancient and arcane lore, explains, at least partially, the appeal. Eduardo also included a Trashpo piece:

Eduardo - 10.3 - 2

Eduardo Cardoso has certainly distinguished himself as a skilled practitioner of Trashpo, which is after all a form of visual poetry.  Very much in the style of Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA), he takes the rejected shards of consumer culture and recombines the elements to create a fascinating visual-verbal composition. His envelopes are always fantastic:

Eduardo - 10.3 - 3

And the reverse:

Eduardo - 10.3 - 4

As ever, deepest thanks to Eduardo!


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