MinXus Mail Bag: Correspondence from collage master Michael Orr (Clarkston, Georgia, USA)

Orr - 9.30 - 1

Mail-art by Michael Orr (Clarkston, Georgia, USA)

Michael Orr is a fantastic correspondence artist known for his collage and, increasingly, visual poetry. He is producing fabulous collabs with numerous artists. We are thrilled to share this second batch of mail-art by Michael received during the summer.

orr - 9.30 - 2

This custom-made piece for DVS (D-Vi-Sol) is a treasure of MinXus indeed. Michael Orr also included another FAB collage:

Orr - 9.30 - 3

An interesting retro work indeed. On the other side:

Orr - 9.30 - 4

Here is Michael Orr’s envelope from sunny Georgia:

Orr - 9.30 - 5


Orr - 9.30 - 6

Many thanks to Michael and looking forward to the Zalop show!


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