MinXus Mail Bag: “Birdwatching with Antonin Artaud” by meeah Williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

meeah - 9.30 - 1

Mail-art by meeah williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

In August, meeah Williams sent us this wonderful package of mail-art that we now, at long last, are thrilled to share with you.  Here at the ranch, we are huge Antonin Artaud fans, so meeah’s boekie, “Birdwatching with Antonin Artaud,” is greatly appreciated. Here are the panels:

meeah - 9.30 - 2

Throughout the package, meeah Williams incorporates found material, cut-ups, asemics and (disrupted) visual narrative.

meeah - 9.30 - 3

meeah also included a wonderfully done, recycled cd or dvd:

meeah - 9.30 - 4

meeah certainly showcases her mastery of Trashpo in this outstanding piece.

meeah - 9.30 - 5

Also included is this asemic-vispo page that might be an add-and-pass.

meeah - 9.30 - 6

Here is a closer-in scan:

meeah - 9.30 - 7

A little W.S. Burroughs paranoia is evident in the virus piece. The envelope is also a masterpiece:

meeah - 9.30 - 8

And the reverse:

meeah - 9.30 - 9

Deepest thanks to Mink Ranch fav, meeah Williams!

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