MinXus Mail Bag: D-Kultur Klub Trashpo by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA) + DK sends her sole

D-Kultur Klub - 11

Mail-art by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA) – “The Sole of Elgin”

Our dear friend Diane Keys, aka DK aka Queen of Trash, sent a weighty missive filled with diverse materials including many that relate of D-Kult. We can only assume the footprint on the envelope is DK’s. Below is a stunning example of DK’s Trashpo, which we are thrilled to add to the MinXus USA archives.

D-Kultur Klub - 1

Here is the reverse side:

D-Kultur Klub - 2

As indicated, the package contained a CD. Musical ventures are unusual but not unknown in the realm of Trashpo and DKult.

D-Kultur Klub - 3

And the reverse:

D-Kultur Klub - 4

The playlist is fantastic!

D-Kultur Klub - 5

Our votes goes to “Mo Money Mo Glue” and “Tradin’ Cardboard for Cheese.” DK also passed along information on the elusive KDJ:

D-Kultur Klub - 6

This is classic Trashpo with more commentary from DK on the reverse side:

D-Kultur Klub - 7

As the Neoists had The 14 Secret Masters of the World, so DKult has the four elders. They look vaguely familiar.

D-Kultur Klub - 9

Is it a repressed memory from THE CLINIC? Do they serve on THE COMMITTEE?

D-Kultur Klub - 10

These are surely practice cards to memorize the fake identities. To close, here is the reverse side of “The Sole of Elgin” envelope:

D-Kultur Klub - 12

Deepest thanks to Diane Keys for this tremendous package.


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  1. DK
    Sep 01, 2013 @ 18:10:30

    Wow! Thanks for posting it all. I REALLY hope you listened to the CD. You will NOT be disappointed and it is very helpful when meditating. I will know if it worked if you are feeling thirsty right about NOW. To reverse the command, just roll your eyes once to the right and twice to the left. It cleanses the neuropathways. Just like mail art names, these assumed identity names are standard ones. As you can see Phil Burman (not his real name) went to Northwestern. With his ham radio hobby, it is hard to believe he never married.


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