MinXus Mail Bag: Super collage & classic mail-art by Michael Orr (Clarkston, Georgia, USA)

Orr - 1

Mail-art by Michael Orr aka Pone (Clarkston, Georgia, USA)

We very much enjoy being members of the Fluxus Poetry group at Flickr, hosted by the great visual poet Litsa Spathi. Over the course of time, we became intrigued by the work of another member who goes by the name Pone or Cornpone; and as one thing leads to another, we discovered (or assume) these are mail-art monikers used by Michael Orr of Georgia, who is also an active IUOMA member. (I can be confused by multiple identities too but staunchly support the practice.)

Many friends are familiar with Michael’s awesome collage work, often done using the digital (or hybrid digital) medium, which gives the work sharpness and clarity even when incredibly complex. So we were thrilled to receive this piece, which we present as the first part of a two-part series. Here is the reverse side:

Orr - 2

The distinction between collage and visual poetry can be murky territory. We believe Michael Orr is producing excellent vispo these days, and this piece is a good example. The work incorporates text masterfully and establishes image-language relationships as well as visual syntax. Some elements, the top of the piece for example, are at least asemic suggestive. The language exploration continues on the reverse side, including the excellent “There/There” mirror image-redundancy; that in itself is a nice minimalist, concrete poem.  Michael’s work, as evidenced here, often has a self-referential quality: The text commenting on text concept so evident in postmodernism (pomo). Here is a detail scan:

Orr - 3

The frequent references to the eye in this fragment can, among other possibilities, cause the reader to meditate upon visual perception and the nature of “reading” itself in the context of the work.  Also included was this found bag, which the recipient might or might not associate with the collage:

Orr - 4

And the reverse:

Orr - 5

Michael Orr has certainly achieved a highly individualistic synthesis of the DaDa, Fluxus, Absurdist strain in mail-art. He also included an add-and-pass sheet:

Orr - 6

I have seen this guy’s pic before. Is this Ross Priddle? I used to think (seriously) it was Moan Lisa. Here is the reverse, ready for a contribution and to be mailed:

Orr - 7

And all of this enclosed in a great envelope:

Orr - 8

Many thanks to Michael Orr for this astonishing work (I am running our of complimentary words)!

See more work by Michael Orr: http://cornpone.tumblr.com/



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