MinXus Mail Bag: Tangerine dream from K.S. Chambers (Anaheim, California, USA)


Mail-art by K.S. Chambers (Anaheim, California, USA)

Tenderfoot K.S. Chambers makes a stunning debut at the Mink Ranch with this luscious, orange-drenched altered postcard.  We find this mail-art to be a masterpiece of tonality and colour gradation. Again, we are not sure if it is by chance or design, but K.S. Chambers has given us a piece that matches the MinXus aesthetic with its tangerine reference; tangerine must surely be the official MinXus colour. The strip across the top also provides asemic writing, which can be viewed as a forever cryptic and indecipherable caption for the festive but also, no doubt, ritualistic events depicted in the photo: Here is the reverse side:


In addition to the lovely images on the front, K.S. Chambers provides us with deeply engaging and entertaining stamp work. Many thanks, Keith! We look forward to more exchanges in the future.

Keith has an intriguing blog with some amazing pics!



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  1. pj
    Aug 21, 2013 @ 00:24:00

    Very nice. I like the tangerine colour scale. How tangerine are you today?


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