MinXus Mail Bag: “Blue Notes” from Bruno Neiva (A Corunas, Galicias, Spain)

Bruno N - 1

Bruno Neiva (A Corunas, Galicias, Spain)

Over the past several years, Mink Ranch friend Bruno Neiva has developed his distinctive style that reveals a masterly synthesis of asemics, visual poetry, conceptual art/writing and other elements. We try to keep abreast of his exhibitions and publications. He also contributes to the Eternal Network, and we are thrilled to finally document this wonderful piece he sent us.

This transparent, blue plastic envelope was enclosed inside a larger paper envelope. Upon first examination, one might think Bruno Neiva works with found material and randomness in a haphazard way. We had the pleasure to have extensive conversations with him online during the Asemics 16 book project headquarted at the IUOMA in 2011. Based on our admiration and thus attention to his work, we believe Bruno Neiva is best considered an astute formalist who puts great thought into his work, including a consideration of structure and meaning. He tends toward minimalism and the aesthetics of the avant garde, yet the final result is classical. All we can recommend is, if you have not looked at his work closely, please do so. You will be rewarded. Here is the reverse side:

Bruno N - 2

This piece is from a series, as a message on the envelope indicates:

Bruno N - 3

Bruno Neiva’s use of asemics and interpretation of visual poetry delves intensively into the nature of the sign and the relationship of signifier to signified, the self-referential nature of language and other issues especially central to postmodernism. The work can, indeed, be read, just not in the way one would read a conventional text. Here is Bruno’s paper envelope:

Bruno N - 4

Deepest thanks to Bruno Neiva! Make sure to visit his exceptional blog:



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