MinXus Mail Bag: Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) endorses wonders of mink oil

BG - 1

Mail-art by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA)

Our good Mink Ranch friend, Borderline Grafix of the proud state of Texas, sent us this fantastic endorsement of mink oil skin care products. This stunning post-card size piece, in our estimation, could pass for professional advertising, were it not for the fact that its aesthetic power transcends the commerce arena and meets high MinXus artistic standards first envisioned by St. Empress Marie Antonette, the founder of MinXus-Lynxus 1.

Borderline Grafix’s piece subliminally communicates MinXus symbology. The orange background refers to the tangerine aether so frequently mentioned in MinXus-Lynxus lore, the elusive Tangerine Mink, and perhaps even Dark wall’s prophetic visionary vispo: “Mink of the Tangerine Oncoming.”  Borderline Grafix moves past Tenderfoot status with this fantastic and insightful mail-art that weaves together so many MinXus legends.

We also note that the choice of MinXus Spokesmodel is superb. She has excellent hair.

BG - 2

The reverse side includes a nice message from Borderline Grafix, interesting cut-up material and stamps (see in particular Ruud Janssen of Breda, Netherlands at lower right).


The Mink Ranch Gift Shop currently offers no mink oil skincare products or free samples for our correspondents. We have reported the miraculous powers of mink oil, most often associated with water-proofing boots and leather,  as a valuable addition to the daily beauty routine. The influence of Borderline Grafix’s personal endorsement and this solid foundation for a marketing campaign compels us to make mink oil research and product development a priority at the Mink Ranch.
Dark wall homage by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas USA)
We were deeply touched to receive, via electronic correspondence, these lovely renderings of Dark wall from Borderline Grafix. While we held a funeral at the IUOMA for Dark wall (and he shall never return there), Tenderfoots know Dark wall is very much alive and well at the Mink Ranch. He still creates, sends and receives mail-art, and continues to chat with friends in the MinXus-Lynxus comment stream – when he is not doing chores or on an errand at the local Stop-N-Go.
BG, thank you for your friendship and your wonderful art!
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