“Minkhead” on exhibit in liketelevisionsnow’s Middle Finger Project (Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA)


Mail-art by liketelevisionsnow (Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA)

MinXus-Lynxus has officially endorsed liketelevisionsnow’s epic Middle Finger Project. If you are not already a fan, we urge you to visit and follow the exhibition as it unfolds:


We are thrilled that Dark wall’s “Minkhead” is part of the Middle Finger Project. We had a glitch in mailing the hard copy of Minkhead and the DKULTNY Trashpo Newsletter. liketelevisionsnow kindly alerted us to the situation with a postcard. We want to share with you the clever and creative image (above) that uses an old-fashioned telephone dial to identify LTS: liketelevisionsnow of course.


MinXus-Lynxus loves a happy ending. LTS now has a digital and a hard copy of Minkhead as well as an autographed DKULTNY newsletter. Minkhead is on display among all the other great work in the Middle Finger Project.


“Minkhead” by Dark wall

Thank you, LTS, for the mail-art you send and for all your hard work, including the Middle Finger Project.


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