MinXus Mail Bag: G. A. Cavellini homage from Bruno Chiarlone (Cairo Montenotte, Italy)

Bruno - 1

Mail-art by Bruno Chiarlone (Cairo Montenotte, Italy)

We were pleasantly surprised to receive correspondence from Fluxus artist and prolific mail-artist Bruno Chiarlone in Italy. His work appears regularly on Fluxlist Europe (among other venues):

Fluxlist Europe:


Many mail-artists around the globe are participating in events celebrating the 100th birthday of G(uglielmo) A(chille) Cavellini (1914-1990), who is widely considered to hold a place of importance in the art world similar to Ray Johnson’s.

G. A. Cavellini bio. at Oberlin College:


Bruno Chiarlone was very kind and thoughtful to sign the work he sent. This is wonderful for the archives:

Bruno - 2

On his IUOMA profile, Bruno Chiarlone reports he has been involved in mail-art since 1980. “At Brescia in 1981, I was appointed by CAG [Cavellini] in person to serve as Master of Ceremonies for CAVELLINI 2014,” he writes.  We believe Bruno is fulfilling his commitment in a most extraordinary and dedicated way.

Chiarlone-Cavellini blog:


Left to right: George Maciunas, Bruno Chiarlone, G.A. Cavellini. MinXus-Lynxus offers high praise to Bruno for his trademark hat – a fellow Mink Rancher, for sure.

Bruno - 3

Mail-art by Bruno Chiarlone (Cairo, Montenotte, Italy)

The top scan shows a work on A-5 paper (approximately 8.5 x 11 inches). Bruno also included this excellent postcard-size work in the package. Here is the reverse side:

Bruno - 4

A veteran mail-artist for sure, Bruno Chiarlone’s envelope has excellent and fascinating stamps:

Bruno - 5

And the reverse:

Bruno - 6

Many thanks to new friend Bruno Chiarlone! MinXus-Lynxus endorses the global GAC celebration with great enthusiasm We will see what we can rustle up to support the cause.


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