MinXus Mail Bag: Unforgettable card from Gin (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)

Gin - 1

Mail-art by Gin (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)

We are thrilled to extend a warm Mink Ranch welcome to Gin from Tennessee, who sent us this gorgeous example of her art.

Slightly larger than a regular-size card, this is a a handmade (as opposed to digital) collage. Raised contours of the cut-outs are easily recognized by touch, and Gin has sealed the piece beneath tape, similar to Jon Foster’s practice (North Carolina, USA).

Mail-art historian and archivist John Held, Jr. noted in a recent interview that he observed a folk art tendency in recent mail-art he has seen. Here at MinXus-Lynxus, we believe we see folk art roots in Gin’s charming piece. She also creates a very (romantic) painterly effect. Carefully placed images can easily be read as a symbol system. The woman holding newspapers or magazines along with a piece of mail-art is a wonderful nod to the “woman reading” portraits and drawings from the Age of Print and the role that letters once played in romance.

Gin made good use of the reverse side:

Gin - 2

“Unforgettable” unites the work behind a concept. The fonts and vintage images contribute to a retro quality, yet another allusion to a time when everyone waited for the newest novel and letters in the mailbox from far-flung correspondents. Who does not sometimes indulge in nostalgia or imagining simpler times?

The postage due message is an intrusion of the modern age, but we will gladly cover it and deeply appreciate Gin’s kind words concerning our own humble efforts. A response if forthcoming!


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