MinXus Mail Bag: Mail-art by 5Blanks (Worthsee, Germany)

Blanks - 1

Mail-art by 5Blanks (Worthsee, Germany)

5Blanks are a group of talented mail-artists from Germany, new friends, whom we have recently discovered at the IUOMA. We have enjoyed seeing scans of their work and were thus thrilled to find an envelope from them waiting in the mailbox. We can only call this piece elegant and notice it seems a bit atypical of the work they ordinarily produce.

Mail-art by 5Blanks tends toward the cryptic, that is in this instance, it offers a variety of different interpretations. At the risk of misreading possible intentions, we cannot help but see this art as a nod to Trashpo and more specifically DKult and even more specifically our involvement in DKULTNY: The New York chapter of DKult.

The envelope contains a smaller envelope (above). It has a wonderful scent, so we guess that it originally said: Dior. 5Blanks have transformed it to: Di (love) NY. Even with translation glitches, how can we not read this as a reference to DKult and the concept of Trashpo as a spiritual practice? How can we not proclaim this a triumph of D-Kunst! Here is what the envelope contains:

Blank - 2

The religious aspect is certainly pronounced with the inclusion of this found material. The reverse side has clever alteration:

Blank - 3

Fantastic! We love this. Could this be a depiction of DK? That might be pushing it too far. This mail-art captures so many Trashpo and DKult themes, we cannot help but think at least some of it was done intentionally. Regardless of subjective response, it stands as a wonderful piece.

Blank - 4

We offer our deepest thanks to 5Blanks. We assure you our response will include only the finest items DKULTNY has to offer.

We gather 5Blanks is a collective. Cristina Blank and JOB are listed as IUOMA members. You can learn more by visiting their website:



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