MinXus Mail Bag: Visual poetry by Luc Fierens (Weerde, Belgium)

Luc Fierens - 1

Mail-art by Luc Fierens (Weerde, Belgium)

We are absolutely thrilled to have received this visual poem by Luc Fierens, as we have been fans of his visual poetry and collage art for some time. Luc Fierens is an innovator in the visual-textual area, and we hope you will explore the links to his work in this blog. We place him among our favourite artists who are doing such extraordinary work in Belgium. This includes Thierry Tillier, Little Shiva, Benoit Piret and Guido Vermeulen.

Here is a link to Luc Fierens’ blog where you can see many examples of his work:


In this postcard-size piece, Luc Fierens focuses on the textual by constructing a poem from language appropriated from the mass media. Indeed, much of his work seeks to reveal and destabilize systems of power and control. We think an excerpt from his artist’s statement that appears in the online publication Kolaj is particularly useful in understanding the concepts that inform his work:

“As artist, I [Luc Fierens] started as poet, an experimental poet influenced by the Belgian avant-garde (Van Ostayen). But after a while I turned to visual poetry. Now, since the nineties, I dedicate myself to my re-poesia visiva. Poesia Visiva was an Italian movement of visual poetry that was known in the 60s-70s to be very political and anti-POP because of its activity of semiological guerrilla (cfr Miccini/U.Eco). I don’t think I repeat it, but I think it is still CONTEMPORARY. The majority of today’s political events have a strong likeness with the sixties. The protest, the social changes, the crisis (also in the 80s), the power of the mass media… only the names of the multinationals changed, but the rich are richer and poor are poorer. Therefore, the poet must try to change the world. This utopian vision is part of mine to conceive/to make art, as provocation through means of collage. Visual poetry goes beyond the collage. Therefore, visual poetry is an instrument/my way of art/life to attack the truth (by detournement). In my visual poems, I use the written word. The word interrogates the images and makes the layers visible. Of signs to read or to see.”

Luc Fierens - 2

We also like Luc Fierens’ photostream at flickr:


The “Secret Archives” exhibition featuring Luc Fierens, Thierry Tillier and Benoit Piret is also well worth some exploration:


Many thanks to Luc Fierens! We look forward to more exchanges.


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  1. Little Shiva (@littleshiva)
    Jun 14, 2014 @ 12:09:11

    I have something to send you but can’t find a contact address anywhere on this blog. Mine’s shivita@mac.com.


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