MinXus Mail Bag: Eclectics from Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA)

KP - 1

Mail-art by Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA)

We are always excited to receive correspondence from dear friend Kerri Pullo – aka Kerri A Rose Con Pollo. This time around she sent a lovely envelope containing stamps, ephemera, folios and asemic writing. Above is a very interesting example of her asemics. You need to look closely (enlarging works best) to see the mysterious script that is like some ancient text inscribed on a weathered stone and fading.

KP - 2

Kerri Pullo also sent two little, we are calling them, folios that contain loose items. Maybe they could be considered protective sheaves. They are very nicely and thoughtfully made, apparently some time ago. Here is what the folio looks like when it is opened:

KP - 3

Again we meet Kerri Pullo’s anna-mona-trixie characters. Here is more of the folio material:

KP - 4

Close up!

KP - 5

We commented very favourably in a previous blog on Kerri Pullo’s stamps and very much appreciate receiving some new examples.

KP - 6

Here is the second folio that contains a variant photo connected to the ongoing “GASemics Series,” a Kerri Pullo/DVS collab.

All this arrived in one of Kerri’s trademark hand-painted envelopes:


We are striving to document and archive all our Kerri Pullo holdings. Many thanks to our dear friend!


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