Happiness is warm… kitten? from Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA) + plus public apology concerning the “Fake Richard Canard Series”

Richard Canard - kitten - 1

Mail-art by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

In recent months, MinXus-Lynxus has been blessed with outstanding work from our dear friend Richard Canard. Like us, we hope you will never forget the fake Ray Johnson collage and the Red Bull object poem.

Richard Canard is probably best known in the mail-art network today for his correspondence comprising insightful and often witty philosophical statements and observations on the art world. This work also includes social commentary, and that is how we view the wonderful card above. Here is the reverse side:

Richard Canard - kitten - 2

Tenderfoots from the USA will immediately recognize Richard Canard is making a reference to the gun and ammunition control debate that is polarizing the nation, an issue that has led to a deep examination of the core documents of democracy. In very few words, Richard conjures the lineage of the gun in American culture with the reference to the gangster Al Capone.

This opens the door to connections with earlier myths of the outlaw West; Billy the Kid comes to mind. We see the paradox of a culture of violence vs. individual freedom. Andy Warhol and poet Jack Spicer, among many others, have been attracted to this mythology. Richard Canard’s work does affirm for me the notion that if we are to fully understand the obsession with guns, we need to examine American culture from a historical perspective.

As ever, many thanks to Richard Canard!


Richard Canard - kitten - 3


Authentic Mink Ranch souvenir (Bunk House poker card) sent to Richard Canard.




Note “‘Trash po’ artists are sorta like the ‘bland leading the bland.'” The whole card is not in keeping with Richard’s usually good-natured mail-art.


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