Luna Bisonte Prods issues posthumous Blaster Al Ackerman collection (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

by Blaster Al Ackerman

John M. and C. Mehrl Bennett have announced the publication of a major collection of work by the late Blaster Al Ackerman (1939-2013):


Introduction by Jack A. Withers Smote

Compilation and Afterword by C. Mehrl Bennett

John M. Bennett’s Luna Bisonte Prods and its Lost & Found Times zine have been a major force in the underground, otherstream, alternative, mail-art, vispo communities for many years. Blaster Al was a frequent contributor.


“Luna Bisonte Prods is proud to offer (alas, posthumously) this vast testament of humorous ramblings and scramblings by none other than one of the 14 Secret Masters of the World!, Blaster Al Ackerman, as well as works he wrote under eighteen different pseudonyms. This anthology includes the complete works of Blaster Al from Lost & Found Times 6/7 through 54, 1979-2005. It includes every appearance of his inimitable column, “Ack’s Wacks,” and all of the “Ack’s Hacks” published in the magazine, in which he created poems and other works using as source material poems by John M. Bennett and many others. His processes for doing these works were lunatic, wonderful, and constantly varying and unpredictable. Many of these accounts are included as they are often as interesting and hair-brained as the results. The anthology also contains many drawings, paintings, poems, texts, and wide swaths of other material from an acknowledged master artist, mail artist, writer, and prankster; one of the great minds of our times.”

The Complete Works can be purchased via LuLu:

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