MinXus Mail Bag: The Detroit layover Minx by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

RG - minx - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Mail-art composed while travelling – on the road – could arguably inhabit an entire genre. Indeed, we understand that a branch of Neoism once broke off and reformed itself as Tourism. Postcards, a favourite mail-art medium, have long been associated with travel.

Tenderfoots are likely aware that our ever-faithful correspondent Rebecca Guyver (Miss Becca) left the pastoral wonders of the scenic Nayland Farm for a visit to the USA. We are comforted to know she has returned home after numerous adventures.

Her harrowing airline trip produced this charming and somewhat atypical card she sent us titled “Traveling Minx” and retitled by Dark wall “The Detroit Minx.” Never one not to include a kind message, we shall let Miss Becca explain in her own words the circumstances surrounding the creation of “The Detroit Minx”:

RG - minx - 2

We congratulate Miss Becca on this fine work produced under unusual conditions and without access to a well-stocked studio. “The Detroit Minx” stands as a testimony to her talents and as a memory of her journey to the USA.

Dare we ask: Who is tending the British chickens?


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