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STEWART HOME - Comes In Your Face CD

Tenderfoots will fairly ask: “Who is Stewart Home”?

Stewart Home is a very fine British artist and primarily writer. He is also a chronicler of Neoism and was an active participant in Neoism when it migrated to Britain and beyond. Landmarks included the Festival of Plagiarism and the global Art Strike of the early ’90s. He was involved in the creation of the Karen Eliot and Luther Blisset multiple user identity concepts. Neoism had a huge impact on the mail-art network, especially in the 80s and ’90s.

Neoism primarily emerged in the United States and Canada in the ’70s. David Zack, Istvan Kantor (“The Hungarian Bob Dylan”) and Blaster Al most commonly receive credit as the inventors. Many former Neoists are still active in the Eternal Network today; there were “14 Secret Masters of the World,” just to identify a core group. Most of them will not comment about their involvement in Neoism. Actually, this is in keeping with the original edict to subvert and avoid historicizing and categorizing. Additionally, the British manifestation of Neo is a bit different from the original, especially in terms of its very pointed political message.

Yet at MinXus-Lynxus, we do not totally reject the work Stewart Home has done to document Neoism, long after the fact of its demise. Jim Leftwich and others continue with Post-Neo Absurdism.

Anyone interested in the network and the avant garde, we think, can benefit from keeping current with Stewart Home’s doing.


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