Newly recovered DKult Trashpo recruitment pamphlet by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

DK - power - 1

Mail-art by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

Here at MinXus-Lynxus, we think not since the glory days of the Church of the Subgenius has so much network effort on the part of numerous individuals gone into the promotion of a cult, which might be better described as a fan club or an alternative culture lifestyle. DKulters are, in fact, simply artists and writers who make Trashpo.

DK - power - 2

By now, Tenderfoots are aware and very likely excited beyond comprehension by the discovery of a box of undocumented mail-art in the dark recesses of the Overlook Hotel. This pamphlet by Diane Keys, aka DK the Queen of Trash, is among the finds.

DK - power - 3

Diane Keys’ adherence to the tenets of Trashpo is impeccable. Recycling is a core concept. Here she has taken a religious/motivational brochure and altered it to serve the greater glory of DKult.

DK - power - 4

Miles of comment threads have already been devoted to discussion of both the practical and theoretical nature of Trashpo. For example, the aesthetic vs. anti-art debate is far from resolved. We observe that among DKulters especially, the hardcore members of the larger Trashpo impulse, that the collection of material, creation, and distribution becomes a spiritual practice. This is an integration of life and art.

DK - power - 6

Many Trashpoets seem to believe that their work is hardly a random process. They write about channelling divine messages and integrating themselves with a harmonic collective consciousness. Diane Keys advocates a healthy lifestyle, a diet free of synthetic food (one of her favourite issues), work discipline, participatory and alternative culture, and even an alternative to E-conomy: the D-Konomy.

DK - power - 7

The reverse side:

DK - power - 8

We are thrilled to add this work to the MinXus USA archives!

Important essays in the litterature of Trashpo:

“Trashpo and the Individual Talent”

“The Decadence of Trashpo (part I)”

“The Decadence of Trashpo (part II)”

“The Decadence of Trashpo (part III)”

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  1. DK
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 17:02:58

    so fun seeing it again!!! I feel a resurgence of interest in DKult given our new addition of DKultTX–the free biscuits and gravy breakfast with any sign up was a success. I’ve sent some marketing materials out this week. and hope for DKultVA to do well with the Civil War Re-en-actment this weekend


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