MinXus Mail Bag: Tales from the crypt(ic) by Ana Karina (St. Augustine, Florida, USA)

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 1

Mail-art by Ana Karina (St. Augustine, Florida, USA)

We are very excited to share with you the most recent correspondence received from our dear friend Miss Ana.

Her name is slightly elastic, which we appreciate. Tenderfoots likely recognize her as Ana Carina, Ana Karenina (this time around), Ana Karina and possibly other what we have come to call Ana-grams. She is a bit mysterious, and her art is a bit cryptic. We adore the black and white collage she sent, juxtaposing two images. We consider it a retro piece, referential to the Age of Xerox and very similar to a strain of Neoist collage that was once prevalent. Miss Ana often includes bits and pieces of usually un-altered material. Following the lead of Miss Claire Dinsmore of New Jersey, we shall refer to this material as “ephemera.”

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 2

Included were these two vintage photos. On the back of the left-hand photo is inscribed: “‘Totally Legit/Kama Bay’/Lake Superior Route.” The right-hand photo of the women has no message. Also typical (and always warmly welcome) are drawings:

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 3

We fancy we see some asemic doodling in this piece. Although tiny and faint, we can read on the reverse side: “I used to have a super boring job. So true.” We are convinced no semiotic application will yield much concerning our beloved Ana-grams. While there is a content consistency emerging in her missives, each of Miss Ana’s envelopes carries a unique message which we are much better at feeling than knowing in a way we can express. We are sure Tenderfoots join us in enjoying and appreciating this work.

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 4

We responded to Miss Ana’s previous letter. Though beleaguered we are doing our best to respond to such a lovely gift. Many thanks Ana K!

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