MinXus Mail Bag: Welcome Raphael ‘L (San Jose, California, USA)

Raphael - 1

Mail-art by Raphael ‘L (San Jose,  California, USA)

Ten gallon hats off and a warm Mink Ranch “howdy” to Raphael ‘L whose work appears on these humble pages for the first time.

She sent us this wonderful digitalized collage that, as her message indicates, is a memory of time spent in San Francisco. The signifiers are certainly there, and they are hardly floating. We have recently experienced our own Gold Rush of great work from Tenderfoots in California. We honestly cannot account for it, but we are more than pleased to glow with the flow.

Our notes for this work by Raphael ‘L now bound for the MinXus USA archives in the historic Overlook Hotel indicate we especially like the complicated, organic structure made from relatively small fragments in this piece. These are elements often found in Trashpo, including the choice of (relatively) found material.  Fans of visual and concrete poetry that we are, we also appreciate the nice balance of text and image.

Another nice touch is the upside down and sidewise presentation of the material, a nod to the non-linear, which, in our estimation, has all sorts of useful benefits when inverting and subverting.

Raphael - 2

Raphael ‘L, thank you for the sweet note. We hope you will discover and learn through your involvement in the Eternal Network. We love your work, and we think anyone would be more than pleased to receive it. Just follow your heart and enter into your own evolution. Make what you like to make and express what you want to express because no one is applying any critical standards or measuring sticks.

We are no strangers to French here at the Mink Ranch, but thank you for the effort taken to translate into English. We look forward to many more mail-art exchanges.

Raphael ‘L’s IUOMA page:





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