MinXus Mail Bag: A debut by rodni.com (Richmond, California, USA)

rodni - 1

Mail-art by rodni.com (Richmond, California, USA)

A big “Howdy” and Mink Ranch secret handshake go to rodni.com (aka rodnidotcom) who sent us this great, postcard-size piece of mail-art. We know Rodni via the IUOMA as well as other places in the aether where he shares art and interesting information. Rodni is a dedicated networker with, we gather, an interest in street art and political actions, in addition to other pursuits. We are reasonably certain he participated in at least one of Cheryl Penn’s (South Africa) asemic or vispo collaborative book projects. The reverse side has a cool sticker:

rodni - 2

We are always partial to these “place your palm against mine” faith healing type pieces. They are used frequently by DKult, for instance.

Many thanks for sending to the Mink Ranch, Rodni!

Rodni’s webpage:


Rodni’s IUOMA page:



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