MinXus Mail Bag: But is it not not MinXus? from Jon Foster (Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA)

JF - 5.5 - 1

Mail-art by Jon Foster (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA)

The MinXus-Lynxus USA Archive is pleased to share this new acquisition from good friend Jon Foster. Tenderfoots are, no doubt, familiar with the fantastic textures and overlay effects Jon is able to achieve with his tape-tearing technique, a practice much harder than it appears. Jon Foster is a true master.

He searches for ephemera from different eras, and his content is always fascinating. While Jon is a member of the Trashpo group at IUOMA, his work is seldom associated with Trashpo. A text-centered piece, such as the one above, reveals that his work often crosses over into visual poetry (vispo) and, based on the found material he uses, a kind of vispo that shows similarities to the work of Diane Keys (Illinois, USA) and Jim Leftwich (Virginia, USA).

We think the work above presents many interesting textual elements, ranging from collaged syntax to fragmented words and letters.

JF - 5.5 - 2

Many thanks, Jon!

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