MinXus Mail Bag – “It’s not just about who has the best hair anymore” from Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - vanity - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Whether you are on an Australian sheep ranch or making a guest appearance at the Stop-n-Go with Dark wall for a Red Bull, you know you need to look your best. MinXus may well be about who has the best hair. Every student of the MinXus-Lynxus School of Beauty & Cosmology knows there is far more to YOU than just gorgeous hair. For instance, there is your skin, which means make-up and skin care in general.

Our dearest Miss Becca thoughtfully sent us this MinXus Vanity Kit, which has made a big sensation in the Bunk House. The idea of the MinxKit is not new, but this is an ingenious variation.

rebecca - vanity - 2

Knowing Miss Becca as we do, the concept is open-ended. We have an invitation to use our imaginations when putting the contents to use:

rebecca - vanity - 3

We will not document further how this performance piece was completed. Instead, we encourage all Tenderfoots in their beauty routines to make use of mink oil and mink hair products (ONLY if the ingredients were obtained in a way that no harm was done to minks).


This seems to be for people who wear wigs.

 28PCS Mink Hair Professional Makeup Brush Set with Beautiful Design Bag

Mink hair make-up brushes. Why didn’t we think of that?

Don't B Bald Mink Oil 4oz

Mink oil will cure just about anything.

The old standby – for boots and shoes – slather it on your face and we guarantee you will be pleased.


MinXus hair dryer stamp by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. minxuslynxus
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 02:01:23

    Wow, this is a fantastic addition to the MinXus-LynXus School of Beauty and Cosmology, but Miss Becca sent it to the wrong person! The Empress needs skin care and it’s an emergency!


  2. suffolkrebecca
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 17:30:13

    I wanted to put a picture here in response, but I can’t! Thanks for blogging mink rancher. I’d forgotten about this one. Is there an order form for the products? And Empress skin problems are nothing. I need a few lifts.


  3. suffolkrebecca
    Apr 21, 2013 @ 16:39:30

    But where is the weekend viewing?


  4. minkrancher
    Apr 21, 2013 @ 17:02:14

    Me & Dw been fishin’s Miss Becca. Fish is runnin something furious in the outlet this April. Wheel be back soon ’nuff.

    PS – We added a scan of your hair dryer stamp above – great!


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