OFFICIAL MINXUS PROPAGANDA: “Psychiatric Ward” by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Psychiatric Ward

Tenderfoots know Moan Lisa from here at the ranch as well as a towering presence in the Eternal Network, reaching beyond to untold others with Moan Lisa’s Art Akademie (“Everyone is an Artist”).

Here is how you can order/download your copy of Moan Lisa’s Psychiatric Ward:



Moan Lisa is our Digital Artaud, our Mail-art Martyr, our Post-Confessional Poet whose life – an open book for us – is a sometimes tragic sometimes exultant Fluxus event score unfolding for our salvation and transcendence.

We are thrilled to pronounce Psychiatric Ward is deemed Official MinXus Propaganda and required reading for MinXus education and re-education.

MinXus Moan Lisa


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