MinXus Mail Bag: Vispo from Matthew Stolte (Madison, Vis-consin, USA)

Matt - april - 1

Visual poetry by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matt Stolte is a visual poet regular here at the Mink Ranch, and we are pleased to enter this postcard-size piece he so kindly sent us into the mix. Wisconsin, aka Vis-consin, is a center of vispo activity with residents including David Chirot, Miekal And, Matt and many others.

We suggest hitting enlarge and spending some time connecting with the field of composition with the work above.

Matt is a MinXus-Lynxus fav because we like his style that liberally incorporates asemics and concrete poetry. He is primarily textual, although there is an image nicely incorporated in the work above. Matt achieves some great effects with layering and distortion. Often his work will have a formalist structure. That said, Matt Stolte is so diverse and willing to experiment that it would be inaccurate to box him in with the identification of one, consistent style. Here is the reverse:

matt - april - 2

Matt is a great correspondent too because he has a keen sense of humour, irony, and the absurd, which he always manages to interject unobtrusively. After a while the cryptic gets less cryptic in his case.

Matthew Stolte’s fantastic Illegitimate Prescriptions blog is gone. As the result of his title choice, he was identified by some Big Brother eye as being some sort of medication site and he was removed without even being able to explain. Of course it was no such thing; it was a vispo blog, and a really good one.

All that has changed. Matt has developed a new and maybe even better blog named Construction Sea. We think it just keeps getting better.It’s a great place to see his work, the work of others, and to keep abreast of vispo doings. Take a gander!


Construction Sea has been added to our highly blogroll. (You know we’re kidding!) But it has been added.

Matt - april - 3

The reverse:

Matt - april - 4

Matt, thanks for sending and keep sending whenever you want to or are able. Gawd, WE-O-U, not having given back to you a fraction of all you have shared with us. Well, soon we sincerely hope…


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