MinXus Mail Bag: Another side of Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA) – Part II in the Kerri Pullo retrospective

Kerri - solar - 1

Mail-art by Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA) – the original “Kerri Arroz con Pollo” portrait

This is Part II of a retrospective of work by Kerri Pullo that has recently been entered into the MinXus USA Archives. Far from being a Tenderfoot, Kerri is one of our MinXus-Lynxus editors and a trusted friend. She sometimes shares scans of new work with us and is a regular mail-art correspondent.

Part I featured Kerri’s asemic work, which is becoming more and more recognized, especially since her collab work with Guido Vermeulen (Belgium) has created such a network sensation. (The stolen work in the Scotland exhibition was recovered by Miss Becca.) Here is the link to Part I of the Kerri Pullo blog:


We have had the “Kerri Arroz Con Pollo” portrait for some time. We are thrilled to share it with you now, as it is definitely a MinXus classic. When we were getting to know Kerri, we noted the similarity of her last name to Pollo – chicken in Spanish. This amused Kerri a great deal and inspired her to produce the work above, made with actual rice. Now the rice (arroz) has morphed into A Rose. And Kerri Pullo’s MinXus moniker is Miss Kerri A Rose Con Pollo.

Kerri Pullo and the MinXus-Lynxus Famous Artist Talent Scout Contest: Can YOU Draw the Mink?

Many readers will recall the MinXus-Lynxus Solar Festival 2012. We hosted events including the First International MinXus-Lynxus Art Exhibition that involved the Refrigerator Performances that took place simultaneously across the globe. The “Kerri Arroz Con Pollo” portrait was created for Solar Festival 2012. Here is the reverse side:

kerri - solar - 2

Reverse side of the “Kerri Arroz Con Pollo” portrait

We also sponsored the MinXus-Lynxus Famous Artist Talent Scout Contest. With just a dream and whole lot of talent, Kerri entered this piece in the contest:

“Untitled” by Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA). CATEGORY: Red MinXus

Our panel of esteemed, distinguished judges awarded Kerri a Grand Prize for this effort. Now here is one facet of the other side of Kerri Pullo. She is a fantastic artistamp maker. She apparently struck a commemorative stamp based on her prize-winning work. You can see it on this envelope that has been entered into the archives:

kerri - solar - 4

Red MinXus commemorative stamp by Kerri Pullo

Here is a more panoramic view:

Kerri -solar - 3

Here is the reverse side of the envelope:

kerri -solar - 5

Another beautiful stamp. Kerri uses an anna-mona-trixie multiple identity concept with which we are not entirely familiar. Here are more stamps from Kerri we decided to keep for the archive rather than use because they are so spectacular:

kerri - solar - 6

Many tenderfoots are also aware Kerri is a partner in the “GAsemics Series,” a vispo project. She is the creator of Asemic Mom who appears throughout the pieces. These Asemic Mom stamps have entered the archives:

kerri - solar - 7

This is the first piece in the “GAsemics Series” featuring Asemic Mom:

GAsemics - Pullo & Sloan

“GAsemics Series #1” by Kerri Pullo and De Villo Sloan

Many thanks to Kerri Pullo for all her contributions to MinXus-Lynxus and congratulations on all her current asemic and vispo work.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. suffolkrebecca
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 08:07:56

    Wow what a gal! You have exposed the depth of her talent and thinking in a few keystrokes! She is the bomb. Brilliant. Love the way the blog ended in a crescendo with the GAsemics too! Not everyone can collaborate and keep their footprint and you two have. Thanks for this instalment.


  2. minkrancher
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 13:45:18

    Thanks Miss Becca, you in particular are familiar with Kerri’s asemic work now. Indeed, I was so relieved to learn the precious Pullo/Vermeulen collab that disappeared in your Scotland show under mysterious circumstance was recovered thanks to your diligence. (It was beginning to take on the character of Ray Johnson’s stolen Spam Radio incident.)

    I tell myself to not flog myself over the perpetual behindness of getting things blogged & responding to mail.

    Kerri contributed this really amazing material in support of MinXus-Lynxus Solar Festival 2012. Only now is that material properly documented and displayed. What damage has been done to her career because the “Kerri Arroz Con Pollo” portrait did not appear in the first international exhibition?

    Many are unaware that Kerri is a stamp maker too.

    BTW – Your response to the Saturday Night film series are noted, including the Joycean associative memory reveries induced by The Little Rascals. The series will go on!


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