MinXus Mail Bag: From The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA) – we appreciate the hellfire, but please don’t bring the heat


Mail-art by The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)

A veteran mail-artist, this is The Blessed Father’s second appearance at the Mink Ranch. Stamps are a specialization within the world of mail-art, and there are folks who are extremely talented and accomplished in this area. The Blessed Father is one. His work is refined and meticulous, and we are blessed indeed to have received so many wonderful examples in this mailing.  Stamps can often express the artist’s affinities, such as the frequent use of identifying stamps in the Fluxus network. Above, we see a reference to the Drunkpo group founded at Yoma by Dustin de Wind (Texas) and of course Trashpo, which we hardly think needs an explanation. The Blessed Father seems to enjoy Drunkpo especially.

The Blessed Father

The Blessed Father is also gifted at concept art. Like Cavellini, Anna Banana, Trash Baby (Little Shiva) and other notables, he has created a persona that informs the art and also can extend into performance. (Does he wander around San Diego like that?) He offers a satirical and very witty critique of hypocrisies and contradictions in organized Christianity.

He would not be the first of course – Rev. Malok (Wisconsin) comes to mind – but we are convinced The Blessed Father does not believe in his divinity the way various ranters seem convinced they are prophets, aliens, or both. We asked The Blessed Father if he had come across the Church of the SubGenius, but he had not. However, we were thrilled to see he looked into it and has issued a Rev “Bob” Dobbs stamp.

BF - stamps - 3

Here at MinXus-Lynxus, we like to advance the theory (speaking now of the USA) that mail-art evolved differently on the East and West Coasts. There is a “school” in the West (mainly California) devoted to rigour, realism, and a degree of slickness. RCBz (Minnesota) has confirmed this theory. David Stafford (New Mexico), whose work in many ways exemplifies the West Coast approach, once said he thought a Mel Ramos influence accounted for the tendency. Very interesting.

By Mel Ramos

Here is the cold-sweat-paranoia-in-the-post-office part of the work I received from The Blessed Father:

BF - stamps - 2

Blessed Father, the Mink Ranch is a clean operation – no cash crops. We are a nature preserve with motel, diner, and gift shop. Maybe we will soon have the Empress Marie Wax Museum & Water Park – but no mojo, reefer, crazy weed or whatever you kids call that stuff. We are trying to maintain some degree of respectability in our humble abode in the shadow of the great grey walls of the Auburn Correctional Facility where our local peace officers are more likely to bust impoverished people for minor food stamp infractions than bankers who have swindled people out of millions.

Oh well, the damage is done…

If they break down the door of our Overlook Hotel suites at 3:00 am, they’ll find nothing but a few bags of mail-art, some diet Coke cans, and a picture of Empress Marie on a bare white wall. And we’ll be gone….


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