Meet Bangkok Vinny of the Plastic Buddha Mind (Moan Lisa Fan Club re-post) or Trungpa has my back, who’s got yours?


Bangkok Vinny says use the Plastic Buddha Mind

Under which shell is the void?

Under which shell is the light of spastic enlightenment?

Under which shell is $5?


Close observers at Yoma (why would you bother?) might have noticed a quiet protest is being staged against a certain individual who is clearly advocating the teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche (uw! can you believe it?!!!?). Can’t we just trade mail-art and spare the spiritual diatribes? For the sake of religious diversity, Yoma members now have the option of joining Plastic Buddha University (a reference to Ray Johnson’s Buddha University no less) in the Moan Lisa Fan Club.

We do think Bangkok Vinny is a stitch.


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