Happy Tangerine Little Twig [MinXus how to get shampoo out of your eyes]




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  1. minkrancher
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 16:25:05

    Great work! If anyone is interested in knowing the MinXus-Lynxus aesthetic, they should look at this work by Empress Marie:

    1) It’s about the hair! Tangerine shampoo? Is it possible? This connects the vision of the Tangerine Oncoming to the daily necessity of maintaining good hair, at least until the arrival of the Tangerine Oncoming.

    2) In terms of form, this is an important work. In much MinXus vispo, you will see things upside down or sideways, contrary to normal expectations. This work brings that tendency to the forefront and creates a form. You have the upside-down woman at the top in relation to the man at the bottom. They form an opposition. Would the piece still work if we turned it so the man was at the top? We think so, to some degree.

    3) Remember that vispo in numerous ways deals with the idea of reading and thus linearity. Empress Marie’s work is highly structured in three columns that suggests text or the layout of pages in a book or magazine. It presents linearity in an unusual way.

    This work is highly formalist and well-constructed.


  2. minxuslynxus
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 23:03:30

    Such a great comment Rancher! Thank you. Can you believe there is such a thing as Happy Tangerine shampoo? MinXus sure endorses this. MinXus also endorses upside down and sideways, you are spot on. Merci!


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