MinXus Mail Bag: Missive from Cheryl Penn (Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa)

cheryl - late - 1

Mail-art by Cheryl Penn (Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa)

Egg on our faces, dearest Tenderfoots! In an obscure recess of the vast Overlook Hotel environs, we happened upon this intact but neglected work Miss Cheryl Penn sent us too, too long ago.  Above is a lovely photo of her bridge visual poetry piece that garnered so much praise last year. The main concern of the message is a section of a cut-up painting and a tie to her epic Bhubesi Women narrative.

cheryl - late - 2

Recently we learned cut-up paintings have been a staple in mail-art back to the days of the NY Correspondance School. It is possibly derived from add-and-pass or simultaneous performance exhibition in diverse location concepts or some expectation the work will be re-assemble at some point in time. Miss Cheryl, having studied Ray Johnson in graduate school, must be aware of this cut-up practice although she never shared it with us.

cheryl - late - 6


Always wonderful work from Cheryl Penn.

cheryl - late - 4

And the reverse:

cheryl - late - 3

Many, many thanks!


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