MinXus-Lynxus discovers lost Blaster Al Ackerman relics – Blaster Al designated pre-proto-MinXus

anathema - 1

Cover of Anathema zine, issue published early 1989, Boston-area USA (courtesy of MinXus USA Archives)

anathema - 2

I met James Gray when he was an English major at Syracuse University. He became interested in the Marginal Underground and concrete poetry. Anarchist, philosopher and mail-art networker Bob Black is also named in the credits of Anathema as an organizer. (For the record, I have never been to Chelmsford, so I am not sure why Jim put that on the contents page).

anathema - 3

anathema - 4

anathema - 5

anathema - 6

anathema - 7

anathema - 8

Collage from Anathema, artist unknown

To learn more about the passing of the GREAT Dr. Blaster Al Ackerman, the Ling Master, see our earlier posts:



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