Catalog from the 2012 FluxRus Exhibition (Taganrog, Russia) organized by Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko celebrating 50 years of Fluxus

FluxRus - 1

Catalog cover of the international exhibition at the FluxRus Gallery in Taganrog, Russia, organized by Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko (aka Belka & Strelka). More than 70 mail-artists from 18 countries had work in the exhibition as well as numerous artists associated with 50 years of Fluxus.

Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko, also known as the performance group Belka & Strelka, are inventing their own avant garde style – FluxRus (Russian Fluxus) – drawing from the legacy of Fluxus and adapting it to the 21st century. They are involved in the Eternal Network and the international exhibition they hosted last year in Taganrog (birthplace of Anton Chekhov) featured work by more than 70 networkers from around the globe. They sent a beautiful catalog to participants, excerpts of which are featured in this blog.

The catalog is over 100 pages and packed with fascinating text and images, including an essay by curator Mark Bloch (USA) that provides historical context as well as a model for mail-art, networking and Fluxus for the years ahead. It is not possible or even desirable to reproduce the whole catalog, so I picked out pieces by friends and people familiar to me to provide a sampler of the diversity of the work that appeared in the exhibition. I do not even manage to cover that but hope you will enjoy this snapshot.

FluxRus - 2

Catalog statement by Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko.

FluxRus - 3

A list of exhibition participants.

FluxRus - 4

MinXus relics included in the Taganrog, Russia, Fluxus exhibition.

FluxRus - 5

Victoria Barvenko (left) and Svetlana Pesetskaya (middle).

FluxRus - 6

Taganrog exhibition with work by John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA).

FluxRus - 7

Cheryl Penn (South Africa).

FluxRus - 8

Ruud Janssen (Netherlands).

FluxRus - 9

Tic Tac (Germany).

FluxRus - 15

Thierry Tillier (Belgium)

FluxRus - 10

Skybridge Studios aka Lisa Iversen (USA).

FluxRus - 16

Samuel Montalvetti (Argentina).

FluxRus - 12

Guido Vermeulen (Belgium).

FluxRus - 13

Svenja Wahl (Germany).

FluxRus - 14

Superhero aka Moan Lisa (USA)

FluxRus - 18

Grigori Antonin (USA)


Ryosuke Cohen – Brain Cell (Japan).

FluxRus - 17

Carl Baker (Canada).

FluxRus - 19

Brent Leopold (USA).

It was an honour to have work in the show. Deepest thanks to Svetlana and Victoria for their wonderful art and their hard work!


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