Moan Lisa announces “psychiatric ward inpatient vacation” – MinXus expresses support & best wishes for a speedy recovery

Mark Panda - 1

Mail-art by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Mark Panda has posted a blog at Yoma announcing that Moan Lisa has taken a hiatus (we hope brief) from mail-art and has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Mark Panda, Moan Lisa, Da Da Lovelace, Superhero – many Tenderfoots are fans of the mail-artist who uses these various identities. MinXus-Lynxus supports Mark and wishes first for his happiness and second for his return to mail-art.

MinXus Moan Lisa

Mark, we are proud you are part of MinXus-Lynxus, even when you take an Anti-MinXus stance.


We’ll see you again, pardner, back in the saddle and riding the dusty trail. And we’ll see you in the mail.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lisai
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 14:45:30

    He and Justin Beiber should be rooming together!


  2. minkrancher
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 18:06:00

    With Moan, Da Da Lovelace, Mark Panda, Superhero, etc. it’s pretty crowded in that room already.

    I did write to him a few months ago: “This multiple identity conceptual art stuff can get strange. You need a solid grounding knowing who YOU are.” But then any writer who gets immersed in fictional characters probably faces the same identity issues.

    But seriously… the Moan Lisa identity is pretty huge in m-a. He has been trying to bury Moan, but Moan manages to survive. There’s even a Moan Lisa Fan Club at Yoma.

    A while back, I had actually been part of a chat where he was planning some sort of Moan Lisa event at the Chicago Flux Fast. I gather that did not happen.

    Despite the challenges he presented with Asemics 16, I have actually come to like and respect the guy..


  3. lisai
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 19:26:45

    He contributed to Textile Art Call, and early on we exchanged some MA.
    Received Fake Canard Ray Jo #7 and 8 today. Thank you.

    Got some Spillane’n to do?!


  4. minkrancher
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 20:18:41

    Glad they arrived. Spillane’n? Only that I wouldn’t want anyone to think Moan Lisa is just another sideshow geek in the Mink Ranch Circus. Jeez, that would be exploitation 😉

    I have your textile card right here. I lost track of Flux Fest Chicago this year – and FFC seems like such a good thing.


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