MinXus Mail Bag: Mass mailing from Stephanie Blake (Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

stephanie - mass - 1

Plastic-encased mail-art by Stephanie Blake (Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

Some Tenderfoots might already be familiar with this ambitious and completely (we’re not just whistling Dixie) incredible project by Miss Stephanie Blake. Those interested in mail-art specifically will no doubt appreciate her choice to encase the work in plastic, in lieu of a traditional envelope, so the contents are on exhibit through the entire postal system. Miss Jen Staggs of Texas, if we recall correctly, did some similar clear plastic mailings not long ago and also received fanfare.  The true gift of Stephanie Blake’s piece is the personalized key chain (or more generally charm) based on the famous Ray Johnson stamp:

stephanie - mass - 2

By including the key chain, we believe Stephanie appropriates the tools of marketing for the higher purposes of art, and at the same time she sheds light on her “mass mailing” title choice. She challenges us to consider the deeply personal experience of mail-art exchange vs. the impersonal and manipulative aspects of marketing, junk mail, “free” gifts (that advertise products), etc.  We certainly know which side we prefer here at the Mink Ranch.

This was a wonderfully creative as well as deeply thoughtful project: true mail-art. MinXus-Lynxus joins in the thunderous applause Stephanie Blake has already  received. And many thanks for the Rayjo key chain!


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