This is definitely Trashpo from Anete Ulmane (Riga, Latvia): The open field composition theory

Anete Ulmane - 1

Mail-art by Anete Ulmane (Riga, Latvia)

Miss Anete Ulmane – a student of art history, theory and criticism 🙂 – was very kind to send MinXus-Lynxus this lovely Trashpo composition from her beloved Riga. MinXus-Lynxus remains the opposite of Trashpo eternally, which allows us to serve as undisputed experts in determining what does and does not qualify as authentic Trashpo. Let there be no confusion: Anete Ulmane has created a stunning work of Trashpo.

As the result of Diane Keys’ ground-breaking exhibition of Trashpo in a government building in Elgin, Illinois, USA, questions have been raised concerning the public health consequences of exposing audiences to raw trash. (Is not the public already exposed to large amounts of trash in most parts of the world?) Anete Ulmane has resolved this issue in her own work by encasing the trash in plastic and then elegantly further sealing it with sewn thread, which in our estimation enhances the work.

In her kind note, Anete Ulmane seems unsure if she has created Trashpo:

Anete Ulmane - 2

We assure you, Miss Anete, you are doing well. We detect in this piece the use of the open field composition theory of Trashpo. The trash is collected. Then the trash poem evolves organically as the poet assembles it, based on both the form and content of the material collected. This is not a purely random process; however, randomness is built into the process. The work should be allowed to evolve with a minimal amount of intellectual or rational manipulation intended to give the work a pre-determined meaning. The meaning will arise through the process of composition. The scanner bed composition – dumping trash on a scanner and then arranging only minimally, if at all – is likely the most extreme form of open field composition.

Anete Ulmane’s Trashpo reveals some compartmentalization and some use of formalist geometry. But this does not prevent the viewer from seeing the work as a whole (rather than isolated fragments).

Anete Ulmane - 3

Make sure to visit Anete Ulmane’s blog:

Many thanks for this great Trashpo!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. suffolkrebecca
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 16:01:20

    This trash thing is becoming sustainable! Brilliant! Now DK has apprentices working in workshops everywhere!


  2. minkrancher
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 16:29:21

    This M-L Trashpo Marathon is inspired by the publication of DK’s “Vessels of Love.” I do receive a tremendous amount of Trashpo. I wish I had been able to include some of these recent posts in “New Directions in Trashpo III” at IUOMA, but Ning starts acting up after a certain point of uploading. I am sure there will be a Trashpo IV or something similar due to all the great work.

    Anete Ulmane’s work is wonderful, and she does really not need me to pass judgement on whether it is or is not Trashpo. Absurd! But I thought it might help her confidence and I could relate the basic concept, for those interested in such things.


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