MinXus-Lynxus publishes “Vessels of Love” by Diane Keys (with Ficus strangulensis shotpo collabs) – Trashpo, visual poetry, asemic poetry, concrete poetry

vessels of love

Cover of Vessels of Love by Diane Keys.

MinXus-Lynxus is thrilled to announce the publication of Vessels of Love by Diane Keys, the first full-length collection of Trashpo by the Eternal Network’s reigning Queen of Trash.

This must-have edition includes images of Diane Keys’ Trashpo classics along with translations by De Villo Sloan. You will also find the complete “trashPo manifesto” along with her Shotpo collaborations with legendary visual poet Ficus strangulensis.

Read what prominent networkers think about Vessels of Love:

“Vessels of Love is truly mind blowing! Like a journey through the James Joyce Hannah Weiner of Trashpo!! Love it! Love it! Brilliant work!!!

– Neil Gordon (Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)

“I have downloaded the book and gotta admit it is another WONDERFUL, AMAZING collaboration! DKULT, DKULT.  Am even excited to be off to walk the dog in semi-inclement weather in case I happen upon anything that might go into my own Trashpo!”

– Miss Becca (Suffolk, UK)

“Howdy you-all-uns! Reading below, I learn that I have become venerable [but I think penicillin will cure that]. Also, I recently slogged thru The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick and now qualify as a Dick-head-in-training. But apropos to the discussion [v.i.-] PKD makes the point [OH! How many TIMES does he make it in the 900 pages condensed by editing his 8000 pages!?] that one must look for the divine in the trash of the alley for the power of evil [ignorance, authority, conventional religion, etc.] has co-opted the stuff we consider holy]. Just another reason for making things holey.Y’r ol’ Bud, Fike”

– Ficus strangulensis (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA)

“Beautiful work. I wish I knew how to ‘download.’ Whose Mother was the Craziest, wonderful.”

– Nadine Wendell-Mojica (Hollywood, California, USA)

“Fantastic book, Diane, just downloaded it, thanks, great reading.”

– Mail-art Martha (London, England)

“Translating and editing Trashpo is a challenge. When I first began corresponding with DK about the project, I said my goal was to provide linearity so it could be read in a more conventional way on the page. However, the result might really be a kind of concrete or visual poetry. We will see. As I think you know, translation requires some degree of interpretation. DK’s work offers serious challenges, especially in terms of what is intelligible and what you have to reconstruct. The Shotpo pieces are a perfect example. Sometimes Ficus would shoot a letter out of Diane’s poem with his gun perfectly. So it was a deleted letter. But other times a letter would only be partially removed and I had to decide if it was a deletion or not because I decided not to deal with fractured letters – a letter was either there or not.”

– De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)

“I ain’t seen a book this good since James Russell Lowell. Now there was a man…”

– Mink Rancher (Mink Ranch, USA)

Read and download Vessels of Love by Diane Keys now!

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  1. lisai
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 20:39:10



  2. lisai
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 20:40:29

    PSSST! Thank you for making this jewel available.


  3. minkrancher
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 21:07:56

    Glad to be of service, mam.


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