MinXus Mail Bag: This is Trashpo from Jeanne Kasten (Olathe, Kansas, USA)

Kasten - 1

“TrashPo Study in Black and White” by Jeanne Kasten (Olathe, Kansas, USA)

As MinXus USA prepares for the imminent release of Vessels of Love by Diane Keys, the first full-length collection of Trashpo ever published, we are sharing a series of blogs displaying some of the wonderful Trashpo we are receiving.

This work by Jeanne Kasten is a superb, open field composition work juxtaposing a variety of found texts. Numerous narratives and chance association metaphors are possible as the result of Jeanne Kasten’s construction. We hope you will spend some time with it, as we have; there is much to appreciate. Numerous associations are possible. One can also note disruptions, contradictions, and fragmentation. For no particular reason, we like the Lindsey Buckingham concert ticket. We like Lindsey Buckingham down on the Mink Ranch.

All in all, in our humble estimations, “TrashPo Study in Black and White” is a compelling work we are thrilled to add to the MinXus USA archives.

Kasten - 2

And the reverse:


Many thanks to our new friend Jeanne Kasten!


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