MinXus Mail Bag: This is not MinXus. This is Trashpo by Neil Gordon (Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 1

Mail-art by Neil Gordon (Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)

Correspondent Neil Gordon frequently works in the Trashpo genre. The piece he sent (above) is an advertisement page torn from the venerable New Yorker magazine with scribbled cryptic writing that – well-known to initiates – represents the complex symbolism of D-Kult. You see references to Wilhelm Reich’s theories that inform at least some part of DKult: orgone energy and Reich’s bizarre cloud-busting experiments to control weather. You also see the reference to T.O.X.I.S. – the corporate-institutional cabal dedicated to unleashing heinous viral mutations to thwart a truly human or alternative culture. Of course, T.O.X.I.S. would be committed to the suppression of Trashpo. Here is another piece Neil Gordon sent:

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 2

This is classic Trashpo composed on a piece of some kind of of cereal-energy-chocolate bar box. Neil has arranged bits of found material to create a new text. Here is the reverse side:

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 3

The language component is more pronounced on this side. Neil Gordon’s style is grounded in DaDa and the later, related Punk aesthetic that has had such an impact on mail-art. He has a clear understanding of the Trashpo concept going back to Jim Leftwich. While many trash poets strive for work that achieves a kind of formal harmony and might even approach at least an attempt at beauty, Neil’s work retains the anti-art qualities. He could be fairly described as a purist. The envelope also included the customary bits and pieces of found material that can function as stand-alone object poems or integrated into the work of the recipient – add & pass recycling.

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 4

And the reverse:

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 5

We are very pleased to receive this work from friend and correspondent Neil Gordon.



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