This is not MinXus. This is Trashpo by Mail Art Martha (London, England)

Mail-Art Martha - 1

Trashpo by Mail Art Martha (London, England)

We are thrilled at MinXus USA to have acquired a most wonderful work of Trashpo by the legendary – dare we add famed? – Mail Art Martha of London.

Mail Art Martha works with found material, so it is very likely she was making Trashpo long before our hero Jim Leftwich (Virginia, USA) introduced the Trashpo concept in the Eternal Network circa 2005. Certainly this work by Mail Art Martha, constructed upon a rain-spattered envelope that was rescued from total decomposition, exhibits a rare talent and ingenious mind.

Indeed, we suspect when the history of Trashpo is sorted through and woven into a sparkling narrative, our dear correspondent Mail Art Martha will be enthroned or at least cited (as a lengthy scholarly citation) in the tome and thus honoured as a matriarchal figure – DK’s sister from a different mother, as the expression goes – in this noble practice.

Mail-art Martha - 2

From that vast publicity, star-making machine we affectionately call Yoma, we learned that Mail Art Martha is known for her “Trash Trolley,” which she wheels gallantly to numerous locations in her beloved city. As we also understand it, the Trash Trolley has travelled to other nations. Certainly it has a utilitarian function, yet the trolley must surely bring art out of the galleries and institutions and “to the people,” as they say. It must help Mail-Art Martha challenge accepted notions of what is art and stimulate thought about the relationship between art and life. Perhaps this also serves as a kind of performance art. MinXus-Lynxus endorses all these ideas. We commend and congratulate both Mail Art Martha  and her trolley. She included a very kind note:

Mail-art Martha - 3

Note received from Mail Art Martha (London)

Mail-art Martha - 4

We also enjoyed the lovely envelope:

Mail-art Martha - 5

And the reverse:

Mail-art Martha -6

We cannot express the joy pondering the significance of this work has brought us here in another cold and dreary day of mundane chores on the isolated Mink Ranch. Even Empress Marie has abandoned us for what seems an obscure exploration of sheep farming in the far corners of the earth. And, after all, it is called MinXus for a reason.

Many thanks to Mail Art Martha!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. suffolkrebecca
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 17:12:44

    A trashpo crown for the princess of trashpo? Can cults have princesses? And as for Marie, I expect she’s on a photo safari?


  2. minkrancher
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 02:42:48

    It is. Yes, it is – a crown. And MM is a gem.


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