MinXus Mail Bag: Creature of the Month by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

svenja - creature - 1

Mail-art by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

Our faithful correspondent Svenja Wahl sent us this absolutely stellar example of her highly distinctive collage work. A treasure!

This piece is relatively large: approx. 8.5 X 11 inches. We are guessing the cardboard upon which it is composed was chosen for the lush and wonderful red. Svenja Wahl has a subtle eye for colour; indeed, this is a most beautiful red, is it not?

The box also had strings secured, which must have held something, perhaps during the past holiday season. Miss Svenja left the strings, we think wisely, so the piece has a fiber art component and is also haptic. The strings are rubber band-like. Dark wall declares they play notes when plucked, and this piece is actually a musical instrument. We will allow that, anyway, as one point of view concerning this multi-faceted collage.

What we also absolutely adore about this work is the creature. Dark wall declares it is a Grizzly MinX, and he has seen many of these most dangerous creatures. Perhaps. He can compose a ballad on Svenja’s collage-lyre.

Miss Svenja has a feature she posts at Yoma called “Creature of the Month.” We adore that too. Using her collage talents, she has created a menagerie of absurd, humorous, frightening, appalling, surreal, exotic, fantastic creatures that defy description.

Now MinXus-Lynxus has our own Creature of the Month by Svenja Wahl. We are most grateful.

Svenja - creature - 2

Make sure to visit Svenja Wahl’s blog to see more fantastic art!



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