MinXus Mail Bag: Ripped-tape collage from Jon Foster (Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA)

JF - 1

Mail-art by Jon Foster (Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA)

Mink Ranch fav Jon Foster is a talented artist, writer, and musician known in the network particularly for his beautiful and distinctive collage work composed with a ripped-tape technique which, if he did not invent it, he certainly has refined.  In recent weeks we have acquired not one but two post-card size pieces by Jon Foster for the MinXus USA archives. Here is the reverse side of the piece shown above:

JF - 2

In addition to aesthetics that match the MinXus-Lynxus programme, Jon Foster’s work is rich with irony, humour, and a touch of the absurd. He also makes fine use of stamps. Here is the second piece we have received:

JF - 3

We believe this scan captures much better than our previous two efforts the textures and transparent layer effects Jon is able to achieve and that his fans so admire.  He tends to use what is commonly labelled “vintage” magazines, books and paper items. In his hands, we think “vintage” is transcended by a keen vision of things including popcult history, awareness of subtle changes in photography and print technology and juxtaposition of images to suggest meaning.

JF - 4

Here is a link to an excellent video by Jon Foster that documents the ripped-tape technique. We believe it is fascinating, as are his ideas for organizing mail-art; however, as others have plaintively reflected in terms of hoping to mimic his genius, Jon seems to have a magic touch with collage. His technique may be understood but never duplicated. He remains a genuine American original!



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